Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOscreen™ Plus

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Medical technology today needs to react to the knowledge gained from medical research in order to meet the requirements of emdical practitioners and patients. Equipent development needs to react quickly to technological advances in sleep medicine.

We, the SOMNOmedics team have accepted this challenge and through the use of these new technologies have developed an innovative solution for slleep diagnostics and therapy which will ofer you the practitioner as well as the patient a flexible and reliable, easy to use system in the sleep laboratory, patiens home or anywhere else.


The SOMNOscreen(TM) plus is fitted directly to either the abodmen or thorax. The electrodes and cables are easily identified both by colour and mechanical coding.

The unit can be programmed to automatically start and run for a pre-programmed duration. Single and multiple measurements are programmable. Signals can be checked on the built-in display before recording starts!

Fast data transfer to the PC after recording: Insert Compact Flash card in the reader and you are ready to open and analyse the study within 20 seconds. Complete automatic analysis with analysis report printout within 2 – 3 minutes.

Miniaturization – SOMNOscreen plus™, is currently the smallest full Polysomnography system available today. Featureing up to 58-channels of Polysomnographic data, the palm sized unit can store the data on a Compact Flash card and simultaneously transmit the data to a PC via the built-in data transmitter.

Mobility – Sleep studies should be performed where it is most suitable for the sleep practitioner and the patiens.
Mobility for the Patient – It should be possible to measure sleep data in the patient’s normal sleeping environment at home, maintaining their normal routine. To avoid panic attacks, the patients should not be tied to the bed with electrodes and cables.

With SOMNOscreen™ plus, the patient is free to move around and even go to the toilet. The unit, electrodes and cables are all worn on the patient.
Mobility for the Practitioner – Hospital stays are expensive. Staff, accomodation, meal, etc, all add to the high cost of a sleep study. With the SOMNOscreen™ plus, even video can be recorde outside the sleep laboratory with the mobile digital video unit, which includes video and audio recording with a built-in infrared light source and radio transmitter.

Flexibility of Equipment Choice – You decide which configuration to start with. SOMNOscreen™ plus is available in variety of configurations from a simple screener to a full sleep laboratory system with telemetric video.With the SOMNOscreen™ plus, you also take advantage of any new developments that occur in software and hardware upgrades.

Flexibility in Measurement – The specific parameters you wish to measure can be defined individually

Flexible in Application – Basic respiratory screening, CPAP/BiPAP/SV Titration, full PSG recording with or without Video, 24 hour ambulatory control or 24 hour ECG and pulse eximetry recording-the choice is yours!

Flexibility in Diagnostics – Special analysis templates are available base on original R&K, the AASM criteria or user defined for special research configurations.

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